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Sl. No. CID No. Aggregate %
1 10205009130 69.51 
2 11504001980 67.96
3 11508001033 65.23
4 11510005474 63.96


Shortlisting Criteria:

  1. Eligibility criteria: Minimum aggregate of 60% each in Class X (English + best 4 subjects) and Class XII (English + best 3 subjects), and 55% in Bachelor degree (honors)/60% in Bachelors degree (general), unless with minimum of five years of relevant work experience. (Note:Relevant work experience is considered for shortlisting purpose only)
  2. Candidates are shortlisted based on merit rank of aggregate marks. ‘Aggregate %’ has been calculated considering performance in academic qualifications: 15% of Class X (English + best 4 subjects), 25% of Class XII(English + best 3 subjects) and 60% of Bachelors degree.
  3. Candidates without complete/invalid documents as per the announcement have not been considered for shortlisting.

 Important notes on interview:

  1. Viva-voce interview will be held online through Zoom platform for all shortlisted candidates on 26th May, 2023, for which the link will be shared through the registered email with required details.
  2. All candidates are asked to make sure that they have good internet connection and also make necessary arrangements for gadgets required for the interview (Pen and blank paper, empty or silent room where the interview can be held without interruptions).
  3. All candidates must attend the interview in formal dress (National dress).
  4. Each candidate will be provided with time slot of approximately 40 minutes for viva-voce interview and it may increase or decrease depending on the interview panel.