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Integrity Club

he Integrity Club was officially established on 30th August 2021with the support from the Royal Audit Authority, Thimphu Bhutan, with the vision to strengthen integrity, transparency, accountability, and instill these values as an important component in their future career.

The Integrity Club was formed based on the Club Constitution of the College with the following objectives:

–        To impart knowledge and inculcate values related to integrity as a value in future career.
–        To sensitize students and staff on audit and accountability system of the nation,
–        To instill the ethos of honesty and unrighteousness in the behavior and attitudes of the students in all discipline
–        To foster the values of integrity, honesty, transparency, accountability, responsibility, professionalism, patriotism and unity.
–        To reach information to the communities to create awareness and sensitization program to educate community on above values.
–        To collaborate with most relevant agencies such as Royal Audit Authority from time to time to get updated with various auditing activities and reports.-        Oversee act of integrity in the college by auditing and operating, student welfare fund and student clubs.

The Integrity Club has 41 club members from all programs and the club is advised by the Ms. Wangmo from the Department of Humanities and Management.

Currently the Integrity Club audits student mess, Student Welfare Fund (SWF), Helping Hand Club and all other club handling finances.