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The Wheel of Academic Law is the definitive compilation of policies, regulations and guidelines governing academic matters of the Royal University of Bhutan.  The contents of the Wheel are outcomes of collaborative and consultative discussions amongst all the stakeholders of the University.  The regulations have been ratified by the Academic Board and/or University Council. It is intended to be a reference and guide for the member colleges and institutes of the Royal University of Bhutan.
This second edition is intended for distribution to members of the University Council, Academic Board and its standing committees, staff and students of the University. The Office of the Vice Chancellor would like staff and managers of the member colleges and institutes to be conscious of these regulations to ensure smooth academic operation of the University programmes. Relevant sections of the Wheel will not only guide academic leaders in programme development and quality assurance but will also provide a uniform direction for the operation of member colleges and institutes of the University. The Wheel will also inform the general public on the structure, policy, regulations and procedures of the University.
The contents of the Wheel will be constantly updated reflecting the dynamic changes in the policies and regulations of the University in its endeavour to serve and work collaboratively towards the provision of tertiary education in Bhutan.  Such changes will be updated regularly in the contents of the Wheel on the website of the University (