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A premier Institute of applied engineering, management and technology towards developing highly competent and innovative technical personnel infused with the values of Gross National Happiness.


To provide quality education, driven by GNH values, in the field of applied engineering, management and technology that are current and beneficial to individuals, employers and the nation;


To provide resourceful services through professional development training, consultancy and expert services;

To conduct research & innovation in relevant areas; and

To develop active linkages with organizations and academic institutions both within and outside the country.


  1. JNEC as the most preferred destination for Bhutanese and international students for applied engineering and management studies.
  2. JNEC graduates recognized by job markets and universities both within and outside the country.
  3. JNEC recognized for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are applied and specialized.
  4. JNEC as a resource for the community and the nation with research centers that caters to the need of the vibrant society.
  5. JNEC as a model higher education institute where programmes are infused with the values of GNH.
  6. JNEC campus with state of the art facilities and comprehensive student support services.
  7. JNEC with enabling work culture and values and motivated staff.
  8. JNEC with strong culture for entrepreneurship and graduates inspired to be entrepreneurs.