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Tuition fees and accommodation for Self Financed Students:

  • The accommodation in the college hostels and mess facilities, if available, will be provided. However, students will be required to pay Nu. 300 per month. Students availing mess facility will also be required to pay the charges for the mess as determined by the mess policy of each of the colleges.
  • Following amount will be collected from all the first year students during the registration on 23 – 24th July 2023.
    1. Security Deposit Nu.3000/- (Refundable)
    2. College Development Fund Nu. 700/- annually
    3. Charges for Student Handbook will be charged as per the quotation rates
    4. College T-Shirt Nu. 400/-

All the self-financed and module repeating students are required to pay all the payable fees either in DEMAND DRAFT payable to JIGME NAMGYEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Dewathang or directly deposit the amount in College CD account at the time of registration.

NOTE : No cash will be accepted during registration. All students are asked transfer amount electronically (Mpay, MBoB,B-wallet,E-pay).

Year of study Whole Semester Fee Whole Semester Mess Fee (Boarding) Rent & Electricity Charges ( Residing in self-catering)
1st  Year (Engineering Students)-2023 Batch 45,823.00 12,500.00 N/A
2nd  Year (Engineering Students)-2022 Batch 44,925.00 12,500.00 300
3rd  Year (Engineering Students)-2021 Batch 44,044.00 12,500.00 300
4th  Year (Engineering Students)-2020 Batch 42,334.00 12,500.00 300
1st  Year (DMPM)-2023 Batch 36,988.00 12,500.00 N/A
2nd  Year (DMPM)-2022 Batch 36,263.00 12,500.00 300