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The Business Idea Competition, a three-day event, was a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. The final round of business idea pitching was conducted during the Druk Tshongrig Gatoen. It brought together students from colleges and universities across the nation to showcase their business ideas and compete for prestigious awards. The RUB-BIC 2023 that took place from the 19th to the 21st of October 2023. The event was held at the Startup Center at Thimphu and included a university-level business idea competition, in which our college team secured the 2nd position.

Day 1 (19th October 2023):

  • Participants from nine different colleges including two private colleges arrived and were briefed about the program by the organizing team from Gedu College of Business Studies. Each participating college team was assigned a designated mentor for mock pitching and pitch clinic to help them fine-tune their business ideas and Towards the evening, all teams submitted their presentation slides to the organizers.

Day 2 (20th October 2023):

The final round of the business idea pitching competition took place at the Startup Center, where all 9 teams from various colleges competed. Each team had the opportunity to present their business idea to a panel of judges and a live audience. This day was marked by intense competition and a display of remarkable entrepreneurial     spirit from the participating colleges.

Day 3 (21st October 2023):

  • The event concluded with an awarding ceremony and a closing The closing was graced by H.E Ugyen Dorji (Ministry of Home Affairs) where H.E talked on the importance of organizing such programs to promote and encourage entrepreneurship ventures. The first three winning teams received cash prizes of Nu.50,000, Nu.30,000, and Nu.20,000, respectively, in recognition of their outstanding performances. Additionally, each of the top three teams were granted a seed money investment of 500,000 to kickstart their business ventures.

Our College’s Achievement: 

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre is thrilled to report that our college team secured the 2nd position in this prestigious competition. This achievement is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and innovative thinking of our students. Not only did they excel in the competition, but they also demonstrated the potential of their business idea.

  • The team received 30,000 as cash prize and Nu.5,00,000 as seed investment to kick start their business.
  • The team will be provided an incubation space and guidance for a period of 6 months in iHub.
  • The business idea already has working website.
  • The business already acquired license for operation.

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The team had been incubated since July, 2023 in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at JNEC and Mr. Shankar (EIC Manager) had been continuously guiding and mentoring on the business pitching and plan development aspects since the beginning.

Team member:

  1. Rohit Rai (founder and CEO)- Graduate (BEPE)
  2. Abhishek Pokhrel (co-founder and COO)-Graduate (BEPE)
  3. Laxmi Chimariya (Laison to JNEC Entrepreneurship and Innovation center)-Student (BE3ME)