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The student councillors elect for Academic Year 2022-2023 were formally sworn in with a
symbolic oath taking ceremony on 19 th July 2022.
A total of 14 students councillors were selected and got elected through voting by staff and
students to represent the student body for the Academic Year. During the oath taking
ceremony, the President of the College, Dr. Tshewang Lhendup, awarded Tashi Khadar to all
the elected students’ councillors.
During the ceremony, 13 club secretaries were also awarded Tashi Khadhar and token of
appreciation were presented to the resource persons who engaged all new coming students by
providing valuable education session such as value education concepts, sexual and
reproductive health rights (SRHR), yoga and mindfulness (practical), time and stress
management, cyber bullying, awareness on sexual harassment, talk on Bhutanese culture and
its significance, Driglaam Namzha (practical), religious discourse (choesey leyrim) and soft

As the concluding remark, the President urged all the student councillors and club secretaries
to take initiatives and assure commitment to undertake diligent roles for the wellbeing of
students as well as the College.