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A two-day (20 – 21 November, 2023) meeting between Vajra Builders Pvt. Ltd, Thimphu and Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Dewathang at Vajra Construction Service Centre (VCSC), Ramtokto concluded on 21st November 2023. The meeting was organised between the partners in keeping up with the areas of collaboration enshrined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in May 2023. The meeting was attended by CEO, Deputy CEO, board members of Vajra Builders; faculty from Department of Civil Engineering & Surveying, Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages.
Partners brainstormed on various ideas for collaboration particularly on research and development. Members took stock of all possible research areas for further discussion. Partners decided to start by working on two areas, where details will be shared on these two by faculty representative from JNEC. All areas identified from the 2 day meeting will be further worked and prioritise based on the potential of meeting the requirements of partners and other beneficiaries alike.
Besides R&D, team from JNEC returns back with a lot of inspiration from Vajra Builders commitment to the service of the country. The way Vajra manages 600+ employees and their project fully managed by Bhutanese manpower is awe-inspiring, probably only construction company in the country. The Vajra’s believe in employment generation, integrity and quality of their works, etc infused with HUMAN values as their profit, with less priority on monetary and their dedication to serve the country is truly inspirational.
Vajra’s commitment to excellence and their unequivocal support to higher education institutions, particularly JNEC underscores the success of our joint collaboration. Further, JNEC continue to seek collaboration with other stakeholders