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On the sacred occasion of Zhabdrung Kuchoe and to mark the 400th anniversary of Zhabdrung’s arrival in Bhutan, the Jigten Wangchuk Committee of Dewathang led by Director of Jigme Namgyel Engineering College as a Chairperson of the committee along with members of Dewathang community and college, joined the nation to offer prayers and recite Jigten Wangchuk in the college campus.
The occasion of 4th Jigten Wangchuk recitation was presided over by venerable Lam of Royal Bhutan Army, Dewathang in presence distinguished members from Dewathang Community and participating members from Royal Bhutan Army, Dewathang Thromde, Dungsam Academy, Garpawoong Middle Secondary School, Dewathang Primary School, Rikhey Community Primary School and Jigme Namgyel Engineering College.
On the occasion, mini Thongdrel of Zhabdrung Nangsay Zilnon was displayed in the campus to offer prayers. The sacred statue of Zhabdrung was also handed over by venerable Lam of Royal Bhutan Army to college. A total of one thousand three hundred participating members gathered to offer prayer and recite Jigten Wangchuk as an annual event.