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On Nov 25, 2016, the Dewathang Jigten Wangchuk Tshogchhung members, led by the Chairperson Dr. Andu Dukpa, Director, JNEC met His Eminence (retired) Yangbi Lopen Rinpoche of Zhung Dratshang who was residing in the JNEC campus.
During the hour-long meeting, H.E. Lopen Rinpoche explained the importance of the ‘Zhabdrung’ institution and how fortunate we are to be born as Bhutanese in Bhutan under the benevolent monarchs. He congratulated the Tshogchhung members for their contribution in conducting various activities dedicated to ‘Zhabdrung’ and for organizing the annual ‘Jigten Wangchuk’ recitation events. He also reminded the sacrifices made by His Majesty the Fourth King along with many other Bhutanese soldiers on the very place, Dewathang in 2003. He further explained the selfless deeds of the ‘Wangchuck’ dynasty and their sacrifices for ensuring a safe and peaceful place to live for all Bhutanese people.
Lopen Rinpoche also said that since Zhabdrung Rinpoche is the true embodiment of the past, the future and the present Buddhas, praying and paying homage to the Zhabdrung is like praying and paying homage to all Buddhas. He said that if one prays to the Zhabdrung with faith and devotion, one will end the cycle of suffering and attain enlightenment.
The Chairperson, Dr. Andu Dukpa thanked Lopen Rinpoche for his kind words and blessings on behalf of the Tshogchhung and Jigme Namgyel Engineering College and submitted his assurance that the Tshogchhung will continue to play its role of keeping the ‘Zhabdrung’ institution alive and educating students and public on the importance of keeping the tradition alive in our hearts. The Chairperson also promised to carry forward activities of the Tshogchhung and continue to pray for the good health and long life of His Majesty the Great Fourth and His Majesty the King.
Dewathang Jigten Wangchuk Tshogchhung was constituted in 2012, chaired by Dr. Andu Dukpa, Director of Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Dewathang. The Tshogchhung is comprised of the following:
1)      Jigme Namgyel Engineering College
2)      Dungsam Academy
3)      Garpawoong Middle Secondary School
4)      Dewathang Primary School
5)      Rikhey Community Primary School
6)      Dewathang Thromde and
7)      Lam and other volunteers of RBA, Dewathang