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Prof. Martin Andersson and Prof. Magnus Hagelsteen from Lund University, Sweden visited Jigme Namgyel Engineering College from 9th to 13th May, 2023. Teaching engagement with the students and capacity development were part of their assignments while at JNEC.
The following activities were executed in fulfillment of Linnaeus-Palme project commitments
  • Two Professors conducted 6 hours of Intensive course on Computational Fluid Dynamics for 3rd year BE Mechanical Engineering students and faculty.
  • Professors also delivered a guest lecture on “Introduction to Societal Resilience” to the final-year students.
  • They also resourced 3 hours of capacity building workshop on writing international project proposals from an evaluators’ perspective to 12 faculties.
  • On 13th May 2023, Prof. Magnus and Prof. Martin resourced a one-day workshop on “21st century engineering education pedagogy including Flipped Classroom.”

A total of 40 faculty members attended the workshop. The significance of teachers’ ability to Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn and the strategy to identify the level of learning “Surface” and “Deep” among the students were part of the discussion amongst many. The workshop was also a platform for faculties to compare teaching-learning strategies and the role of teachers with that of European Universities.

Besides the above assignments, Professors visited the farm where the solar dryer is donated and installed for the benefit of farmers in the locality. The solar dryer was designed and prototyped by JNEC in partnership with Lund University as part of the project.
Students are also part of the study co-financed by the Linnaeus-Palme where three students from JNEC are carrying out their case studies in Lund University while a student from Lund is carrying out her case study on solar dryer in the JNEC Campus.
Professors left for College of Science and Technology on 14th May 2023 to continue their project activities in CST campus.