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Two-day 7th Annual Joint Faculty Research Meet (AJFRM) concluded on 25th January 2024. The event is a joint effort of College of Science and Technology, College of Natural Resources, Sherubtse College, and Jigme Namgyel Engineering College. JNEC hosted the event from 24th to 25th January 2024.

Dr. Tshewang Lhendup, President of Jigme Namgyel Engineering College welcomed the Dean of Research and Industrial Linkages, Research Officers, Researchers, Academics, and participants from Administration, Finance, Student Services, and Library to the 7th AJFRM. He shared how it started at CST to promote research interest among academics and now it has become an annual event for the four colleges which majors in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

Furthermore, he informed the efforts made at JNEC to not restrict the research to academics, but extend to other services in the college. He shared that while it is challenging, it is also encouraging to see some academic support staff taking a research interest. Interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary research is continuous to be encouraged at JNEC despite the challenges.

The first day had presentations by six researchers from the CST, CNR, and Sherubtse College. This annual event unlike other research forums is taken by the colleges as the platform to exchange ideas and learn from individual experiences. The exchange of knowledge and skills in research was further enriched from the valuable feedback/comments from the experienced researchers from the member colleges.

The second day focused on the capacity development workshop. Dr. Om Katel, Assistant Professor of College of Natural Resources, Lobesa conducted a session on Grant Proposal Writing. It included the necessary skills and conditions to secure the grants. Further, he shared his personal experiences in writing and securing research grants.

Dr. Sonam Tashi, Associate Professor and DRIL of the College of Natural Resources, Lobesa conducted a session on the Conventions of Journal/Conference Paper writing. It included the necessary conditions to be considered to ensure the quality of conference or journal writings and skills to identify the quality of references. In addition, the participants were made aware of the common mistakes that researchers made while writing conference/journal papers.

Overall, besides fulfilling the objective of exchanging research knowledge and skills, the Annual Joint Faculty Research Meet is the platform for the member colleges to interact and know each other. Also, it is a forum where participants exchange good practices but not limited to research.

The 8th Annual Joint Faculty Research Forum will be organized at the College of Science of Technology in February 2025.


Reported by:

Sangay Chedup and Ngawang Chojey