Reporting schedule and list of things that are required

Students who were admitted to the various courses in Jigme Namgyel Engineering College shall report to the college on 7th July 2019. Please take note of things that are required while you report to the college.

Students are required to bring the following items for Admission and Registration:

  1. Class X Mark sheet and Pass Certificate (Original and copy).
  2. Class XII Mark sheet and Pass Certificate (Original and copy).
  3. Certificate of Leadership if any (Original and copy).
  4. Transfer and Character Certificate from the School last attended (Original and Copy).
  5. Citizenship Identity Card or Letter received from Immigration/Census and Civil Registration (Original and Copy).
  6. House No. and Thram no.
  7. Recent Passport Size Photo (8 Nos).
  8. One set of approved Drig Gho and Kira (To be stitched after reporting to JNEC).
  9. Two sets of Navy Blue Colored Workshop Dress. (To be stitched after reporting to JNEC). Please click here to view Workshop Uniform Sample.
  10. Kabney (For Boys) & Rachu (For Girls).
  11. Big Size Sickle (1 each).
  12. Medium Size Bucket (1 each)
  13. Bed Clothes (Mattress, quilt/blanket, bed sheets, etc.).
  14. Plates, Cups, and Spoons.
  15. Umbrella and Mosquito Nets.
  16. One 10 digits Scientific Calculator.
  17. One A3 size Drawing Board (Except for Computer Science and Network students & Diploma in Materials and Procurement Management).
  18. A set of Drawing Instruments comprising of a 60 cm T-Scale , Set squares, Compass, Divider, Scale and Mechanical pencil (Except for  Diploma in Computer Hardware Networking and Diploma in Materials and Procurement Management students).
  19. Phob and Toray for official use.
  20. Token Fee of Nu. 50.00 each annually.
  21. Caution Money of Nu. 1000.00 (Refundable when you leave the College).
  22. College Development Fee of Nu. 450.00.
  23. House T-Shirts of Nu. 400.00
  24. And all other necessary items like Toiletries and Stationary.
  25. Duly filled undertaking form. The undertaking form can be downloaded from the following link.

Click here to download the undertaking form