Department of Humanities and Management


The Department of Humanities and Management got instituted as one of the major departments in the institute in September, 2015. The department was otherwise functioning as Science and Humanities Department with limited faculty members till its’ formal institution. The department consist of faculty of Humanities (English, Dzongkha & Mathematics) and faculty of Management. As a department of varied nature comprising blend between Humanities and Management, it is expected to support the Institution in most diverse manner. The department looks after students pursuing Diploma in Materials and Procurement Management introduced as new diploma programme from July, 2015.


To be prominent department in providing current and quality driven knowledge and skills necessary to all the departments and assure proficient workforces in the field of management supported by quality learning environment and values.


  • To assist college administration and management through additional contribution and services
  • To render quality based teaching learning support to all the programmes of department
  • To provide required soft skills and knowledge relevant to benefit students’ study skills.
  • To promote research activities among department faculty as a part of teaching profession
  • To introduce new and diverse programme as per the need in current job market



C – Commitment      O – Obedient      M – Meaningful  M – Moral values      I – Innovative    T – Timely


Diploma in Materials and Procurement Management is offered as two years programme in Jigme Namgyel Engineering College as specialized management programme with aims to train and produce knowledgeable, skilled and competent middle level workforce in the field of Procurement Management in the country. This programme is initiated based on the concerns and issues shared by various government and non-government organization/agencies in the field of procurement management. It is a career oriented programme, where learners are provided expected knowledge and skills as per the objectives of course to ensure productive and professional graduates in the job market.


The trained graduates of this programme will:

  • Manage physical resources effectively and efficiently to enable the organizations to maximize the value of money spent.
  • Manage materials with scientific technique, concerned with Planning, Organizing & Control of flow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination so that the right materials are procured at the right cost and used in the right environment.
  • Provide knowledge and skills for management of day to day purchase in an organization to ssupport the sustainable implementation of organizational goals by reducing the expenditure on raw materials.
  • Assist managers (Procurement, Administrator) in implementing the government's Policy on Management of Material and its directives related to material management.

Thus, the graduates of this programme will render proficient services to both governments and non-government organizations by:

  • Improving and promoting supplier performance
  • Managing in the area of purchase, inventory, warehouse and logistics
  • Saving Cash flow by assuring adequate supply with desired quality of materials
  • Managing site storage
  • Ensuring smooth process of tendering and evaluation
  • Complying all the procurement process based on current regulation and policies
  • Considering economic, social and environment factors in the system of procurement
  • Tackle the issues of corruption and misuses in the process of procurement