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Sl. No. Position Title Position Level Qualification Requirement Employment Type No. of Slots Position Profile
1 Lecturer/Associate Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer 4/5/6 M. Tech / B.   Tech / B.E (Civil Engineering) or equivalent Contract till 30th June 2022 02 Click here
2 Lecturer/Associate Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer 4/5/6 M. Tech / M. Sc. / B. Tech / B.E (Surveying and Mapping/ Geodesy/ Geoinformatics/Remote Sensing/ GIS & GNSS/Geomatic Engineering or equivalent Contract till 30th June 2021 03 Click here
3 Lecturer/Associate Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer 4/5/6 Bachelors or Masters qualification in the field of English Language, English for Second Language, English for Specific Purpose Contract till 30th June 2022 01 Click here
4 Lecturer/Associate Lecturer / Assistant Lecturer 4/5/6 Bachelors or Masters qualification in the field of Materials Management, Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Area of study related specifically to Materials and Procurement Management Contract till 30th June 2021 01 Click here
5 Laboratory Technician 10 Diploma in Surveying or equivalent Regular Appointment 01 Click here


  • The positions are for immediate recruitment so in-service candidates must ensure that the current employer is willing to relieve them from service immediately on selection. In the event a candidate is selected and do not join the College on time, their appointment shall be cancelled.
  • Upon selection, the roles and responsibilities of Academic staff and Technician will not be limited to the position profile of individual positions, but will also be guided by Representative Work Activities (RWAs) for each position (Click Here for RWA)
  • Actual intake number will depend on the performance(s) of candidates in the final selection interview


A candidate must:

  1. Be a Bhutanese citizen
  2. Have attained at least 18 years of age, and not more than 45 years of age for Technician and 50 years of age for Academics
  3. Benchmark criteria:
    1. Candidates with Masters qualification (and above) must have minimum aggregate of 50% each in Bachelors degree and Masters degree
    2. Candidates with Bachelors degree qualification must have an aggregate of 60% each in Class X (English + best 4 subject) and Class XII (English + best 3 subjects), and 55% in Bachelors degree (honors)/60% in Bachelors degree (general). (Note: criteria will not apply for those with minimum of five years relevant experience at professional positions) (For Lecturer’s Position)
    3. Candidates with Diploma qualification must have an aggregate of 60% in Diploma, 50% in Class X (English + best 4 subject) and 50% in Class XII (English + best 3 subjects) (For Technicians Position)
  4. Meet experience and other requirements specified in the position profile of each position

Eligible candidates are requested to register and apply via job portal  latest by 3:15 PM on 30 September 2020. Please visit or CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW.

Documents Required:

  1. Duly filled RUB Employment Application Form (Click Here). NOT REQUIRED ANYMORE.
  2. Degree Certificate of Bachelors degree and above
  3. Marksheets of Bachelors degree and above (if any) (Grade Conversion of the marksheet MUST also be submitted if the marks are awarded in CGPA)
  4. Marksheets of Class X and Class XII
  5. Mark Sheet for Diploma 
  6. Valid Security Clearance Certificate (approved online)
  7. Valid Medical Fitness Certificate (valid for 6 months from the date of issue of certificate)
  8. Citizenship ID card copy
  9. Audit Clearance Certificate, if employed
  10. No Objection Certificate (clearly indicating that the candidate can contest for the position and upon selection, can start working in the new position with immediate effect, if employed
  11. Experience Certificate(s)/documentary evidence(s) for current and previous employment records


  • The two references in the application form should both be professional referees from two different organizations, if employed. If there is only one or no past employment record, one or both referees can be from the College/University where the highest qualification was obtained.
  • Candidates are requested to submit only the aforementioned documents (and refrain from submitting any additional documents such as merit certificates, school leaving certificates, etc.). Applications with incomplete documents or incomplete information in the employment application form will be directly rejected during the time of scrutiny.
  • Please note that it is the sole responsibility of applicants to ensure that all mandatory documents as mentioned above are submitted to Administrative Section, Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Dewathang.

For further information, please contact the Administrative Officer at 07260302 during office hours (8:00 AM – 3:15 PM on Weekdays and 8:00 AM -12:00 Noon on Saturdays or email at