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A short term training on ‘Surveying with Total Station and LISCAD’ concluded today. The 5-day training programme was organized from April 3 – 7, 2017 by the Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying (DCES) of Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Dewathang for the Engineers of Dagana and Bumthang Dzongkhag Engineering Cells.
Total Station is a modern surveying instrument that helps to save both time and effort of the Surveyor, at the same time, increasing the accuracy of the data collected. It is a combination of an electronic Theodolite, an Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) and a dedicated software running on an external computer. The instrument has a wider application in the field of surveying such as to measure slope and horizontal distance, vertical angle, calculate coordinates of the points, measure remote elevation and measure areas etc.
The training programme included a mix of Lecture and Practicum sessions and enabled the participants to handle sophisticated state – of – the – art survey equipment with a major focus on the use of Total Station and LISCAD software.
Resource persons included Lecturers of Surveying programme of JNEC, including an Adjunct Lecturer from the National Land Commission Secretariat, Bhutan. A total of 22 Engineers took part in the training programme and the training completion certificates were awarded by the President, JNEC.