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Selection of In-service Candidates – B.E Mechanical Engineering (BEME)

Admission for In-Service candidates into B.E in Mechanical Engineering (BEME)

1. In-Service Candidates with Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from within country
Candidates with Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Royal Bhutan Polytechnic (RBP), Royal Bhutan Institute of Technology (RBIT), Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic (JNP) and Jigme Namgyel Engineering College (JNEC) with minimum aggregate marks of 55% and 24 months of active service (including provisional period) will be eligible for BEME. The duration of the programme is 3 years full time considering Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) from Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

1.1. In-Service Candidates with Diploma or Equivalent certificates from other Institutes
Candidates with Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent level of programmes from other colleges/institutes applying for BEME will be considered on case by case basis comparing their educational transcripts and learning outcomes of the modules they have studied.

1.2. Admission Criteria
Admission of In-service candidates will be done as per the regulations prescribed by the college. Candidates will be selected through entrance exam in the following subject areas:
• Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering (Weightage 50%)
• Science (Weightage 25%)
• Mathematics (Weightage 25%)
The applicant should have passed Dzongkha in class X without which they are required to sit for a competency test in Dzongkha to determine eligibility for the programme (Applicable to candidates with qualification from outside Bhutan).

2. Documents to be submitted at the time of registration
a. Diploma Certificate
b. Diploma Marks sheets
c. No objection certificate from the current employer if employed
d. Work experience certificate for the last 24 months

3. Modality for Entrance Exam:
3.1 Formation of In-service Admission Committee
3.1.1 DAA, ESRO & Heads will form the Admission Committee.
3.1.2 Respective Department shall set the entrance examination question papers.
3.2 Candidates shall be selected through competitive Entrance Examination conducted by the College.

4. Entrance Examination and Admission Schedule/Time line.
4.1 Announcement in the media – 1st week of December
4.2 Applications must be submitted to Mr. Phuba, Examination and Student Record Officer at on or before 26th February 2023.
4.3 Registration & issuance of examination admit cards for eligible candidates – 2nd March 2023

Following documents must be produced at the time of registration:
a) Original Academic Transcripts
b) Recommendation letter from the current employer
4.4 Entrance Examination – 6th March, 2023 (Applicants have to report to the College, register for the entrance examination and collect the Admit Card. Entrance examination will be conducted one day after the registration and issuance of admit cards).
4.5 Payment of Entrance examination fee of Nu.1000/-per candidate – 2nd March, 2023 (at the time of registration).
4.6 Declaration of Entrance Examination result – 16th March, 2023.

5. Post Entrance Examination Requirements
5.1 Issuance of Provisional admission offer Letter by the College -17th March, 2023.
5.2 The selected candidates shall be required to submit the following documents within 30th April 2023.
a) Letter of Acceptance
b) No Object Certificate from the employer c) Academic Transcripts
d) All other relevant document (as notified in the announcement)
If any candidate(s) fail(s) to fulfill the requirements vide clause 6.2, the provisional admission offered to the candidate by the College shall be forfeited and the same will be made available to the next candidate in line, who in turn has to complete all formalities in a month’s time from the date of issuance of offer letter.
5.3 Registration for the programme – 3th week of July, 2023, along with pre-service candidates. The candidates have to submit all relevant documents at the time of registration for the programme.

6. Fees Structure Payable by the Candidate.
6.1 A selected candidate will be required to pay the following:

Sl. No.

Fee Structure (Nu.)

Amount (Nu.)





Tuition Fee per annum



Payable in two



College Development Fee per



Payable in one



Caution Money




(*) The tuition fees stated above is subject to change as per RUB policy.

6.2 Candidate must deposit a non-refundable sum of Nu. 5000 (Ngultrum Five Thousand Only) immediately after receiving the Provisional admission offer letter from the College.
6.3 Other fees, if any, will be charged as applicable to regular self-financing students.
6.4 Selected candidates will be required to pay the prescribed tuition fees for the year at the time of registration (Balance fees after deducting Nu. 5000 or Total fees per year -Nu. 5000)

7. Accommodation
Candidates are required to arrange their own accommodation. However, if there are vacant accommodations available in the campus, the college will extend hostel facilities for a period of one semester at a time, with rental charges as admissible to other students.
Similarly, candidates shall make arrangement for their own food. If they are enrolled in the mess, they will have to pay the mess charges as admissible to other students.

8. Availability of Seats
Maximum number of seats available is 10 candidates