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Jigme Namgyel Engineering College (JNEC), Dewathang and Bialystok University of Technology (BUT), Poland has been executing Erasmus+ programme since 2017. In October, 2017 the officials that includes Vice-Rector, Professor and two from Internal Relation Office from BUT visit the College for resourceful exchange programe. In continuation to such exchange programme, two officials, Prof. Robert Ziolkowski from Civil Engineering Department and Ms. Agnieszka Gniazdowska from an International Relation Office from same university visited the College for a week long programme starting from 17th – 24th March 2019. The purpose of visit from such external university in the campus is to further strengthen the relationship and promote resourceful academic culture.   

During their stay in the campus, the team gave lecture to faculty, staff and students of Civil Engineering on subject such as Traffic, Road Safety and Management. In addition, the team also had discussion on the area of focus to ensure further collaboration and linkages in future.

As a part of ongoing project, the college has sent six students on exchange programme for a period of semester. Discussion were made to understand the administrative and other logistics issues that students face in the process mainly to look at ways to address such issues hereafter. The objective is also to learn from the team how students undergo fruit learning process in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills while at BUT and its outcome.

The officials also made a visit to the Office of Vice Chancellor to meet the officials of Department of Research and External Relations for discussion on future collaborations.

Therefore, the effort made by College in terms of research and external linkages is expected to create wider learning environment and establish relation with relevant university that can benefit in uplifting the standard of academic culture in the college.