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On 13th October, 2017 the JNEC Media club organized the first ever Photo Exhibition to commemorate the Royal Wedding Anniversary of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Gyaltsuen with the theme “Beholding the moments around you”.  The event was graced by offering of butter lamp by Honorable President Dr. Andu Dukpa and with his words of wisdom during the event.
More than 51 photographs were displayed during the event and top 10 photographs were selected by a professional photographer residing in USA, Mr. Tshering La popularly known as Tshering Sam in social media. Further the top ten photographs were marked with random numbers and the best photograph was selected through paper voting system by the audience. The prizes were awarded to the top three photographs nominated by the audience.
The Club coordinator shared to the Publication Unit that it is the first ever initiative by the club to boost students’ creativity in photography. Here after the club will organize similar events and with the feedback and recommendations collected from the audiences the event will be improved.
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