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Information to students for payment of fees at the time of registration.
All the self-financed and module repeating students are required to pay all the payable fees in DEMAND DRAFT payable to JIGME NAMGYEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Dewathang at the time of registration. The detail of the fee structure is give herein:

Tuition Fees payable by Self-financed students with reference to the year of study is as follows:
Year of study Tuition Fees Hostel & Mess
Whole Semester Half Semester Whole Semester Half Semester
First (2017) 43180 21590 6750 3375
Second 42334 21167 900 450
Third 43180 21590 900 450
DMPM(First) 2017 34855 17428 6750 3375
Second(MPM) 34172 17086 900 450
Tuition Fee for Students Repeating Module with reference to the year of registration is as follows:
Year of Registration Tuition Fees per module Hostel/Mess fees
Whole Semester Half Semester  
Total amount tuition payable=
Tuition Fee Per Module (X) Number of Repeat Modules)
2014 7952 6750 3375
2015 8636 6750 3375
2016 8466 6750 3375
DMPM 6834 6750 3375

All students are therefore required to come for registration on the date of registration with demand draft for the payment of applicable fees.
Dean AA