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Online viva-voce interview schedule for shortlisted candidates

(Civil Engineering Lecturer)
9th November, 2020

Sl. No. CID. No.Time
1108080022639:30 AM
21200500336510:10 AM
31031100140410:50 AM
41200700260511:30 AM
51130900177712:10 PM
6118100021581:30 PM
7113150023492:10 PM

10th November 2020

Sl. No.CID No.Time
1113060008429:30 AM
21200400226310:10 AM
31121000137510:50 AM
41181000028911:30 AM
51131200076212:10 PM
6118060029441:30 PM
7118100000292:10 PM

Online viva-voce interview schedule for shortlisted candidates

(English Lecturer)
12th November, 2020

Sl. No.CID. No.Time
1116040007679:30 AM
21151000115910:10 AM
31110900003810:50 AM
41150300318411:30 AM
51181200277412:10 PM
6120080011661:30 PM
7115030022912:10 PM

Important notes:

  1. All candidates will be interviewed online through viva-voce in view of the ongoing pandemic situation.
  2. Candidates are asked to must sure that they have good internet connection and also make necessary arrangements for gadgets required for the interview (Pen and blank paper, empty or silent room where the can be held without interruptions)
  3. All candidates must attend the interview in formal dress (National dress)
  4. Each candidate will be provided with time slot of approximately 40 minutes for viva-voce interview and it may increase or decrease depending on the interview panel.
  5. The interview will be held through zoom for which a link shall be provided in your registered email.
  6. All candidates are required to be prepared for online viva-voce interview at least 15 minutes prior to the interview allotted time slot.
  7. In case of candidates not turning up for the online interview, the interview panel members shall wait for a maximum of 20 minutes for the candidates to come online, beyond which the candidature will be cancelled and marked absent for the interview.
  8. The performance of the candidates during the interview shall be the basis for final selection and the decision of the interview panel shall be final and binding.
  9. Any changes to the date and time will be informed through phone call.

The online viva-voce interview schedule will be held as per the schedule shared in respective candidates registered email.

For any inquiries, please call 07260302 during office hours.