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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (DECE) organized Mini-project Exhibition on 19th October 2021, where students showcased their technical skills and innovative mini-projects.

Main objective of the exhibition was to provide the students a platform to unleash their potentials and to provide an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their learning experience.

Mini-project is a mandatory form of assessment in their academic learning, where students relate their classroom learnings through real time applications.

The 2nd year students of Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering developed and showcased the following projects under the mentorship of Mr. Deoraj Biswa, Associate Lecture, DECE:

  1. Automatic plant watering system.
  2. Automatic water monitoring system.
  3. Smart exhaust fan.
  4. Mini-Obstacle detection robot.
  5. Automatic waste segregator.
  6. Smart gate and automatic door system.

The Mini-project Exhibition is organized every year by the department.