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The President of the College Dr. Tshewang Lhendup inaugurated the Integrity Club on 13th October 2021. The Integrity Club was formed in the college as per the letter RAA (AG-SP)/26/2020-2021/065 dated 19th July 2021, with clear direction from the Royal Audit Authority, Thimphu: Bhutan.

During the inauguration, the Club Advisor, Ms. Wangmo shared the background and objectives of the Integrity Club to the members. She also reiterated couple of activities that the Club plans to carry out. Activities such as auditing of student mess, student welfare scheme, and some clubs handling finance.

The President highlighted the significance of Integrity Club in the College. He reiterated everyone to work and maintain integrity, honesty, accountability, responsibility, professionalism, and patriotism in day-to-day work and assist other students to develop the same. The President of the College also cited couple of issues of the past on the lack of accountability, and how it would have been resolved.

He thanked all club members, club advisor and Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for establishment and operation of Integrity Club. The President assured full support to the Integrity Club and asked club students to work diligently and transform students as a responsible individuals during and after graduation from the College.