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On 8th September, 2017 the Publication Unit of the College launched their first ever monthly e-Magazine, commemorating the ‘International Literacy Day’ with the theme ‘Reading the Past and Writing the Future’.  The day is observed to honor efforts and progress made to increase literacy rates around the world through national and international engagement. It also addresses current challenges and look to innovative solutions to further boost literacy in future.
The main objective of the e-Magazine is to create a platform for a young minds (students) to showcase and appreciate their talents and skills in the field of Creative Arts and motivate them to continue with it and refrain them to involve in anti-social activities. In other words the magazine is a bridge connecting with students, management and let stakeholders know about the knowledge, skills and talents JNEC possess.
In order to increase the magazine distribution on a global scale and deliver across multiple platforms and devices, the Unit decided to publish online. Further it is an approach to protect environment by going paperless.
The Magazine will cover the profile story of talented young minds in the college and opinion section where they can share their voice on concern issues pertaining to youth and related aspects. In addition to enhance their writing and creative skills, the magazine have fiction section where they can write beautiful fiction as well as non-fiction stories and poems.  The magazine also shares glimpse of happenings in the college as a part of informing the readers.
The Monthly e-magazine is available for download.
By: Publication Unit