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Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship Development Cell: 

Working committee:

  1. Hemlal Bhattarai, Dean, RIL, Focal Person
  2. Mr. Parshuram Sharma, Asst. Professor and Dean Academic Affairs
  3. Mr. Shah Bir Rai, Lecturer, EED
  4. Mr. Bikram Chhetri, Lecturer, EED

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

  • To create an entrepreneurship culture in the institution. 
  • To infuse entrepreneurship culture in students so that they can find self-employment and contribute to socio-economic development activities.
  • To help in building up entrepreneurship skills in students so that they can start enterprises and create employment for the fellow colleagues.
  • To offer a module on entrepreneurship development.
  • To develop incubation center to facilitate the interested entrepreneurs to test and simulate the ides.
  • To create an awareness on entrepreneur opportunities to local communities.
  • To help in developing the entrepreneurship skills for interested local communities.
  • To work towards income generation for the sustenance of the center.

Activities of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell:-

  • To prepare a module on Entrepreneurship Development in consultation with the other colleges and Entrepreneurship Development Institute, Ahmedabad.
  • To organize talks by successfully entrepreneurs from Bhutan and outside to share their experiences. This is a way of motivating young entrepreneurs.
  • To organize guest lectures by officials from Entrepreneurship Development Center, EDI, relevant government agencies and Industries.
  • Initiate and conduct idea hunt competition in the campus to gather business ideas.
  • To collect ideas business and build a database for use by interested entrepreneurs.
  • To conduct research work and survey for identifying entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • To help the interested entrepreneurs to prepare project proposal.
  • To guide the students in collecting information in obtaining their project approvals, bank loans and all other supporting facilities.
  • To arrange factory visits and training for students.
  • To conduct in-house training program/workshops/seminars in the field of entrepreneurship Development studies.
  • Organize and conduct workshop for the local communities to develop entrepreneurship skills and knowledge.
  • Developing reference materials booklet, course material for various training program.
  • Periodic discussions with Entrepreneurs & Consultants.
  • To develop business incubation center.
  • Prepare / collect relevant Case Studies for reference by the interested entrepreneurs.
  • Coverage of Industrial Exhibition & Trade Fairs (Information Gathering). 

To organize Entrepreneurship Development Program and Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps