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A seven-member team comprised of Coordinators of Student Projects of JNEC led by the Hon’ble President, Dr. Andu Dukpa is currently at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India to participate in a Problem Based Learning (PBL) Case Study programme. The programme is one of the activities of Erasmus+ (EU) funded PBL South Asia project for which JNEC is one of the partners.

Around 80 participants from 10 partner institutions from Finland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Nepal, India and Bhutan are taking part in the programme. The two-week programme in Mumbai will engage the participants in case studies involving stakeholders through an inquiry and design process. It will also include reflections and debate on the implementation of PBL cases which will subsequently be followed and implemented in the respective partner institutions in Nepal, Bhutan and India. Project Management Meeting (PMT), comprised of Project Coordinators from respective partner institutions will also be held concurrently.

The Project Coordinators from JNEC will work with participants from other universities on the following themes for a period of two weeks:

  1. Liveability in slums
  2. Affordable housing
  3. Construction demolition waste, and
  4. Net zero energy development – rehabilitating sustainability.

The above themes have been pre-identified by IIT Bombay in consultation with Alto Global Impact, Aalto University, Finland.

The overall aim of the project is to enhance the contribution of higher education to sustainable development and local communities and beneficiaries in Nepal, Bhutan and India. The partner universities will pilot, explore and compare alternative methods to implement PBL based learning to fulfil the economic, environmental and social challenges faced by communities in South Asia.