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On 3rd May 2017, JNEC organized a consultative meeting with the entrepreneurs and stakeholders of Dewathang community. It is the first ever consultative meeting organized with an objective of maintaining a good relation between the college and the society. The President of the college, Dr. Andu Dukpa said that one of the objective of the College is to support and help in the development of the community. In order to achieve such objective, he said the College solicits necessary support and cooperation from the community.
The discussion was on mutual benefits of both the parties in the field discipline and the services the parties could provide to each other. The main objectives of the meeting are:

  • Enable the Dewathang Community, Local Government in Dewathang and JNEC to engage in information sharing and discussion.
  • Appreciate and respect the existence of individual establishments and explore opportunities of common interests.
  • Encourage face-to-face communication, build confidence in each other and support programmes/activities that are mutually beneficial.
  • Identify opportunities for mutual growth. The community can identify opportunities to support the college and the college can identify the requirements of the community and find ways to support them.
  • Identify issues and concerns that both the parties are facing and suggest possible solutions to such issues.

There was a total of 25 participants from Samdrup Jongkhar Initiative (SJI), local business personnel and student affairs team from JNEC. The meeting ended with an agreement to promote and supply organic products for the college; minimal sale of alcohol by bar owners and in return the college would provide consultancy services at minimal fees.
The meeting concluded with a campus visit and showcasing the technical resources available in the college.

Compiled by:
Kalyan Kumar Chuwan,D1MPM
Pradeep Gurung,D1MPM
Kinga Tshering,D1MPM