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The Centre for Lighting and Energy Efficiency Studies (CLEES), JNEC is organizing a one-day Awareness Workshop on Energy Efficiency Power and Lighting appliances at Lecture Theatre, JNEC, for the students of Garpawoong Middle Secondary School  (GMSS)and Dungsam Academy Higher Secondary School (DAHSS) on 28th October 2021, to mark the Series V: Climate Action Week. The workshop is aimed to educate the participants on the methods to save energy and contribute towards fighting against Climate Change.

The workshop is sponsored by the National Environment Commission (NEC) of Bhutan and UNDP through the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB).

Side by side, the members of the Maintenance Hobby Club of the college will be putting up a stall to carry out the repair and maintenance of household power appliances. The COVID-19 Pandemic may have broken the chains of maintenance facilities as most of the shops in this line are seen closed. It is expected that this initiative of Maintenance Hobby Club will reach a timely benefit to the local community.

Both of these events are very responsive to Combating Climate Change. The college would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the sponsors for giving us the opportunity to play a part in educating the society and fighting against the Climate Change.