Admin & Finance

Passang Dendup : Administrative Officer:+975-07-260-302

Passang Dendup

Administrative Officer
Qualification: B.Sc. (Computer Sc.)
Tshering : Adm. Asst.:+975-07-260-302


Adm. Asst.

Namgay Zangmo : Asst. Research Officer:17461349

Namgay Zangmo

Asst. Research Officer
Qualification: B.E. Civil Engineering
Kinley Lhaden : Asst. Finance Officer:office-07-260-205, 17991614

Kinley Lhaden

Asst. Finance Officer
office-07-260-205, 17991614,
Qualification:  B. Com. (Finance)
Yeshey Dema : Accountant:+975-260-205

Yeshey Dema

Qualification: Diploma in Commercial Accounting
Pema Choden : Personal Asst. to President of the College:17669477

Pema Choden

Personal Asst. to President of the College
Qualification : Class XII