Student Code of Conduct and Ethics

Brief Background
The mainstay of higher education institutions is teaching and learning which is assessable through the student outcome and their behavior while in colleges and upon graduation. Producing quality graduates and facilitating them to develop with both head and heart is central to the roles and responsibilities of the colleges. Whilst initiatives are put in this direction by all colleges in the day to day running of the colleges, but lately our higher education institutions had also been facing lot of disciplinary related problems. Most of these problems are to do with non-compliance of the university / college rules and regulations which is a concern to not only the colleges but to the society as a whole. In absence of a university-wide agreed definitions on offences and disciplinary sanctions to be applied, it has become even more easier for any student community or the parents to question our decisions and making reference to the course of actions taken by the independent colleges, thus opening ourselves to further criticisms. As shared by JNP in its 12th COD meeting, we consider this issue urgent and critical to the upkeep of its identity and reputations while at the same time being fair and transparent to the affected students. Our colleges should be read or seen by the society as a center of excellence not only in offering quality education and training but in producing future citizens who can fit in to the greater society. Some of these graduates will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow who will help not only in upholding what has been cherished by this sovereign country, but at the 4 same time shaping its destiny. For a country that is endowed with rich tradition, it is only imperative for everyone in the system to uphold what is cherished and discard the habits and practices that are detrimental to the upkeep of its age old tradition and culture. With this backdrop in mind, the “Student Code of Conduct and Ethics” is prepared for adoption and use by colleges under the Royal University of Bhutan.
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