Department of Civil Engineering & Surveying


The Civil Engineering Department in Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic considers Diploma

The evaluation of the trainees is based on continuous assessment made through class test, home assignment, case studies, presentations and semester examination. The assessment in a laboratory modules are made through performance of the trainees at work, viva voice during laboratory practical and examination. level education as a vital and important component of its activities because it remains the base of engineering education. The Diploma level programmes have been constantly updated keeping in view of the rapid development in engineering knowledge, skills and increasing demands of the profession. Therefore, the curriculum had been designed to reflect both scientific and the practical aspects in their contents. The curriculum permits flexibility to trainees by way of choosing an electives subjects to suit their individual inclinations and aspirations.


Our philosophy in this program is the holistic development of the individual ability to be able to synthesis, analyse, create and organise. Leadership, creativity, innovative and enterpreneurial skills are promoted within a team environment during the course of training. This attributes of Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic allows our diploma graduate to pursue opportunities in conventional technical careers.